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Acquisition Services


Mergers and Acquisitions are a common life cycle event for Oil and Gas companies.  Properly integrating new assets into your suite of applications, as well as your daily business, is an essential part of realizing the benefits which justified the deal.  Based on 15 years of collaborating with energy companies to improve processes, implement software and improve data integrity, we have found that both strategic and tactical action plans are essential to successfully integrate new assets into your organization.



EAG’s team members know the industry and the nuances of different types of transactions. We are there to help you identify and reduce risk, compress your integration timeline and quickly capture deal value.

The services we offer include a pre-closing assessment to determine your integration objectives, to understand the complexity of system integrations, and to plan the change management needed to support your personnel throughout the process.  We work with you to classify requirements in terms of Day 1 versus Day 100 needs and beyond.  Our project plans take into account each requirement, and we help you execute.  Our goal is to minimize the impact on your day-to-day business and preserve business continuity.  Contact us to learn how we can help you minimize disruption and maximize return!