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In a recent study on big data analytics, 90% of oil and gas industry data was found to be unstructured or multi-structured, and a staggering one out of three business leaders do not trust their data to make informed decisions.

Why? It gets complicated. Data lives in siloes, with different formats and security / privacy requirements; plus – it’s hard to set up new environments for model building, and the lack of standardization makes software deployment projects painful. All of this means one thing – time.

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EAG’s experienced team knows how the business utilizes the systems, the required statutory outputs, user preferences, along with the underlying data models and technical requirements. Our knowledge reduces your learning curve, saving you time, increasing productivity and enabling your business to scale.

From evaluating and implementing systems, to designing processes, testing data conversions, delivering training, testing systems, developing reports, and supporting applications. EAG provides solutions across the well, gathering and transportation lifecycles.