Production Management

Regardless of the boom and bust cycles we experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, companies are driven to adopt new approaches to ensure accurate measurement of production and manage costs in the field. Starting at the wellhead, all the way to the custody transfer point it is important for Production Operations to optimize value, reduce expenses, and limit risk. This can be accomplished by leveraging existing and new technologies, improving workflows, and training your production team.

EAG Services brings over 13 years of Upstream Production Management Software subject matter and implementation experience. Over the years, EAG has worked with a significant number of clients on production management projects, completing business process improvement, system selection, system implementation, acquisition, data cleansing , reporting and integration work with various systems such as Avocet, Bolo, Enertia, Merrick, and Peloton. EAG is dedicated to understanding the systems and processes used in the industry and has the ability to furnish clients with the technical and functional expertise to optimize:

  • SCADA Integration

  • Field Data Capture

  • Production Surveillance

  • Daily & Monthly Allocations

  • Regulatory Reporting

  • Internal Operational Reporting & Dashboards

  • Water Management

  • Field Mobility

Current market conditions offer compelling strategic and financial incentives to closely look at your current production management systems and processes to determine what short or long term fixes can be made to capture data faster, more accurately and to simplify reporting of your operational performance.

Identifying these value drivers will help to enhance production solutions and ultimately company profitability.  We are here to help you to realize your hydrocarbon’s economic potential!