Land Management

Whether your company’s strategy is to grow through mergers and acquisitions, through leasing open acreage, or by maximizing return on investment of existing assets, land is critical to your company’s success. In a competitive environment, Landmen must be able to quickly acquire desirable acreage positions.  In addition, Land Administrators must manage existing assets effectively to ensure rights are retained while also monitoring contract obligations and regulatory compliance to protect your organization against litigation.  Systems can support these needs, but only if they are designed to be used as a business management tool rather than a data storage repository.  To accomplish this, land processes should be tailored to support real-time, accurate data capture and efficient workflows between Brokers, Landmen and Lease Analysts.

EAG Services has the technical and functional expertise needed to integrate these principles into your business and Land Management Software.  With over 13 years of land experience, our subject matter experts have helped clients with a variety of challenges.  EAG can assist you in maximizing the systems and processes you have or in implementing a new solution.  We have worked with the major Land Systems including Bolo, Enertia and P2 Land and Quorum.  Let us help you improve:

  • Capital Budgeting & Lease Costs

  • Lease Acquisition

  • Data Integrity & Document Management

  • Workflows & Approval Management

  • Mapping & GIS Integration

  • Obligations, Payments & Expirations

  • Internal & External Acreage Reporting

  • Acquisition, Maintenance & Reporting Cycle Times

Whether you are preparing to select a new Land Management Solution, improve your current system, implement a new system or train brokers on your new Lease Acquisition tool, EAG is the partner that can help you bring your project vision to reality while realizing tangible business benefits.