Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Accounting is a core function within all E&P Companies, and your ERP system is the tools that you should be able to rely on to efficiently complete daily, monthly and year-end activities. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Systems that are poorly configured or lacking in functionality can complicate your processes. An optimal ERP solution simplifies data capture, processing, internal controls and reporting so that your team can focus on analyzing your monthly transactions and results rather than spending time on unnecessary data entry, manual reconciliations between systems and piecemeal reporting.

EAG has significant experience evaluating systems, processes, controls and reports and recommending practical ways to improve the systems you already own. We understand your business, the timing of accounting close cycles and your systems. Our goal is to ensure these elements support each other thereby maximizing the investments that you have made. EAG can assist you with solutions to improve and optimize:

  • AFE Management

  • Procurement

  • Accounts Payables & Approval Workflow

  • Inventory Management

  • Asset Management

  • Joint Venture Accounting & Accounts Receivable

  • Production Reporting

  • Revenue Accounting & Regulatory Reporting

  • Marketing Accounting & Gas Balancing

  • Treasury and Cash Management

  • Financial Reporting, Planning & LOS

  • Multicurrency Transactions & Reporting

In addition, EAG has developed unique methodologies and collateral to help you successfully deliver your projects on time and on budget.  For example, our clients benefit from a library of over 150 industry-leading process diagrams for most of the ERP solutions in use today.  We want to help you expedite your projects and achieve your goals within your budget.

Contact us to learn more about our experiences and how we can help you improve your processes, maximize your ERP system investment and generate the key reports you need to efficiently run your organization!