E.A.G. Services, Incorporated.

October 17, 2018

No Task Too Small 

Here at EAG, we truly become part of our client’s team.  One of the values we live by is that no task is too small or beneath us.  The details are important.  We always try to deliver a premium level of service to our clients.  That’s what sets EAG apart in this industry.

One of EAG’s newest clients engaged us both for an ERP implementation and for outsourcing services (i.e. EAG’s 1Source offering). We ended up ordering computer equipment to our office while they awaited the opening of their new office.  EAG’s Amanda Thibodaux and Ryan Webernick personally delivered the equipment to the client and were more than happy to do it. It’s the little stuff that means a lot to our clients…our service is beyond the SOW, and our people make the difference.

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