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February 8, 2019

Maximizing Your Travel Experience (Part 3 of 3)– Tips from Ahmed Taher

In Ahmed’s previous post, Maximizing Your Travel Experience (Part 2 of 3) – Tips from Ahmed Taher, he pointed out that packing light and being self-sufficient can help you have a more hassle free trip. This week, Ahmed will share his final tips to help make your trip easier, so that you can enjoy the adventure as well as the journey! If you would like to find out what Ahmed’s top travel destinations are, please reference the first blog in this series, Traveling the World, It’s an Obsession!

  1. Utilize Technology: There is an app for almost everything now, and most of them work offline so you don’t need to use up your data plan (domestically or internationally). You can download the maps you need, or any other info when you are connected to a WIFI and then use that data throughout your trip. Also, there are now apps to manage your transportation, monitor flight performances (arrivals, departures, weather conditions, etc.) that will make your travel easier and your planning much more efficient and safer. Some of Ahmed’s preferred apps to use while traveling are: FlightStats – Check Flight Statues and Updates; MiFlight – Check Security Lines; ME – Offline Maps and Navigating; and Yelp – Food and Restaurant Recommendations and Reviews.
  2. Document Your Adventure: Take good photos and make your trip memorable! Take the time to take a few good photos and use any social media apps or photo editing tools to capture and share these moments. This will ensure that you always associate your trips with good memories and they will remind you that you need to book your next trip soon! ?

Ahmed’s passion for traveling has put a travel bug into other EAG employees as well. He enjoys helping fellow employees plan trips and loves to hear about their adventures!! He hopes that his travel tips will help make your next trip more enjoyable!

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