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January 31, 2019

Maximizing Your Travel Experience (Part 2 of 3) – Tips from Ahmed Taher

In Ahmed’s previous post, Maximizing Your Travel Experience (Part 1 of 3) – Tips from Ahmed Taher, he pointed out that protecting your travel investment and finding tours can provide value to your travels. This week, Ahmed will share additional tips to help make your trip easier, so that you can enjoy the adventure as well as the journey! If you would like to find out what Ahmed’s top travel destinations are, please reference the first blog in this series, Traveling the World, It’s an Obsession!

  1. Pack Light: Take time to think about what you are packing for the trip. In my experience, everyone over packs thinking they are going to need all the clothes they take. The reality is you really don’t need much if you pack items that could be dual-purpose. For example:  your running/workout shoes could also function as your city walking shoes. Most hiking shells are small, lightweight and provide the warmth you need inside a city or hiking outdoors. Replace your heavy sweaters with a shell and save some space. An added benefit would be your ability to pack your stuff into a carry-on, which will make your life easier if your travel plans change since you will always have your luggage on you! And for those preferring fashion over practicality, a majority of hiking shells and outdoors jackets now are stylish, and you won’t be making a huge fashion mistake if you opt for that option!
  2. Be Self-Sufficient: The less you need on the road, the less you need to deviate from your plans and expose yourself to elements outside of your control. Pack your own chargers and adapters, your own medicine, toiletries, etc. I have two small travel packs that I always carry on me when I travel; one for toiletries and one for medicine and charges/adapters. I make sure they are well provisioned every month, and hardly need to stop anywhere to get any of these items on the road.

I have a few more travel tips to share in my next post. Be on the lookout for Maximizing Your Travel Experience (Part 3 of 3) to conclude my travel blog!

This view is amazing!! Hiking in South Africa.

Myanmar–one of my top 5 favorite travel destinations.

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