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January 25, 2019

Maximizing Your Travel Experience (Part 1 of 3) – Tips from Ahmed Taher

Ahmed’s last post, Traveling the World, It’s an Obsession!, focused on Ahmed’s love of travel and how EAG has allowed Ahmed the flexibility to see the world. In this post, Ahmed will be presenting some tips to make your travel more enjoyable.
Tips #1 & #2 from Ahmed Taher
All in all, hobbies and interests are critical to your work-life balance. It is our responsibility to make sure we use the perks available to us to maintain that work/life time. So, plan ahead! Not only will you get the best travel deals, but you will also ensure that your project work and responsibilities are not impacted by taking any last-minute trips or vacation requests.
International travel has become a lot easier with the arrival of travel apps such as TripAdvisor, Viator, and Triposo, but there are also some best practices to follow that will make your international trips much more enjoyable and hassle-free! Here is my list of travel tips:

  1. Protect Your Travel Investment: Traveling is like life and there is just so much fluidity and a lot of things that are outside of our control. Using certain credit cards can provide you with free insurance on your car rentals, lost luggage, and even provide you with free access to airport lounges and priority boarding! These perks are so common now, and available to everyone at a reasonable price. They make a huge difference when you travel domestically or internationally.
  2. Tours Provide Value: Consider taking tours! I used to be opposed to taking tours because they are “too touristy”, and I typically like to research my destinations thoroughly to be as independent as possible. But small, specialized tours (such as street, food, or architecture tours) provide invaluable insights and memorable experiences since they expose you to things that only locals would know.

The Dolomites (Italy) Ahmed’s #2 favorite destination!

Torres Del Paine (Chile)- Ahmed’s #3 favorite travel destination!

I will share more travel tips and give insight on how to make your adventures less stressful. Be on the lookout for Maximizing Your Travel Experiences Part 2.

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