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October 11, 2018

Hello 2019… our offer to you

Are you in the thick of 2019 planning yet? If not, it’s probably time! EAG has an offer for you now through end of November, so read on…
We’ve kicked off our 2019 prep efforts and are participating in planning sessions with clients.  Some of the key items being addressed are:

  • How to right-size technology for yourbusiness
  • From key reports to key insights: what metrics matter most across Land, Production, Operations and Accounting
  • Integrating acquisitions: how to trust new data faster
  • How to avoid costly pitfalls when going through software evaluations and implementations
  • What are the new developments in AI, and how do we know ‘what to bot and what to not’

Our offer to you is a complimentary half hour discovery session with an EAG expert to talk about key 2019 considerations tailored to your business needs. Contact Lindsey Mersman at 832.485.5814 or lmersman@www.eagservices.com to schedule time.

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