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January 11, 2019

Employee Spotlight—Ahmed Taher—Traveling the World, It’s an Obsession!

This past November marked my 10-year anniversary with EAG Services. Joining in 2008 after a few years of working in both the E&P and software consulting industries, I quickly realized that EAG was the right place for me professionally and personally. The company’s operating model and the culture are propelled by the unique vision of simply becoming the best in the E&P consulting realm as well as becoming our clients’ trusted advisors.
At EAG, we have unison, and a highly collaborative culture that is truly unparalleled in all the places I’ve  worked before. Every day we thrive and take pride in helping our clients solve their problems and meet the increasing complexities of today’s E&P world. Starting as a Consultant in 2008 and advancing through the ranks to Director, working at EAG has provided me with ample opportunities to challenge myself, learn new skills, and act in an array of different capacities to serve our clients and deliver successful projects.
But at EAG, it is not all just hard work! A good work-life balance is essential to our culture, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our team has the opportunity to take time-off, spend time with family and friends, and feed hobbies and interests. To me, world travel is a hobby (and an obsession), and during my time at EAG, have been blessed with the opportunity to see much of this amazing world!
My top favorite spots are:

  1. The Swiss Alps (Switzerland)
  2. The Dolomites (Italy)
  3. Torres Del Paine (Chile)
  4. Cape Town (South Africa)
  5. Bagan (Myanmar)

    Can you believe that view? This was on a hike in 2018 through the Swiss Alps.

In the upcoming weeks, I will share some of my travel tips and give insight on how to make your adventures less stressful. Be on the lookout for Maximizing Your Travel Experiences Part 1- 3.

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