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July 18, 2016

Effective Water Management – Part 2

Water Management is very dynamic and has become increasingly important with the fall of commodity prices. Technical solutions and processes for tracking water differ between operators, regions, and even asset teams within a company. Ask yourself if you have optimized these key activities within your water management process:
Dispatch and Inventory Management

  • Gauging and analyzing water production
  • Commingling tanks and allocations
  • Managing hauler dispatch to prevent partial loads
  • Increasing visibility into driver activity
  • Tracking actual water movements

Invoice Reconciliation

  • Tracking and verifying actual driver hours, distance, down time, and volumes
  • Verifying bill rates by specific product, truck type, and hauling company
  • Automating reconciliation of hauler details and invoices


  • Creating transparency between your organization and the hauler
    • For example, forecasting and sharing dispatch requirements
  • Assessing vendor performance and contract compliance
    • Identifying and investigating outliers
  • Developing real-time dashboards and reports

If you are struggling to manage the water process and are not addressing these key activities, performing a targeted water management assessment and implementing technology to effectively manage fresh and impaired water may be something to consider.
Visit EAG’s Production Management service line page for more information on our subject matter expertise in this area.

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