E.A.G. Services, Incorporated.

December 30, 2016

EAG Services Concludes M&A Project

HOUSTON, TX –December 30, 2016 – EAG Services, a Houston based Oil and Gas consulting firm, announces the conclusion of a Merger and Acquisition Project with a private firm specializing in direct investments in oil and gas assets. The company’s recent acquisition brings over 2,000 Land Records containing approximately 1,600 contracts and 600 leases and deeds. Our client intended to evaluate, cleanse, map and migrate all acquisition data into the company’s Quorum Land Suite (QLS) application.
EAG was asked to coordinate and manage all activities associated with the acquisition data integration and provide project management, business analyst and technical support to execute the migration of Land Records into the appropriate systems.
With 13 years of experience collaborating with energy companies to improve processes, implement software and improve data integrity, we have found that both strategic and tactical action plans are essential to successfully integrating new assets into your organization. EAG was able to effectively manage and coordinate the acquisition data integration.

EAG Services