E.A.G. Services, Incorporated.

July 8, 2016

EAG Services Completed a JIB & Cash Call Desk Manual Project

HOUSTON, TX – July 8, 2016 – EAG Services, a Houston based Oil and Gas consulting firm, today announces the completion of a JIB & Cash Call process project. The client company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has previously engaged EAG in Software Evaluation and Implementation projects. During this process project, the company asked EAG to create desk manual documentation materials for JIB Close and Cash Calls. EAG provided the company with a full-time Business Analyst for this engagement.
The objective of this project was to create documentation that clearly describes the Quorum system steps associated with each process. If there were off-system activities, work arounds, reports, or integration points within the process, those were referenced in the documentation.  The desk manuals will support daily work efforts and ensure resources are properly trained on process execution.
EAG was pleased to be a part of this project in our continued relationship with this client.

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