E.A.G. Services, Incorporated.

May 30, 2017

EAG Services Begins New Software Selection Project

HOUSTON, TX –May 30, 2017– EAG Services, a Houston based Oil and Gas consulting firm, is proud to announce our engagement with a leading global resources company. This client is among the world’s top producers of major commodities, with substantial interest in oil, gas and energy coal. EAG has been asked to assist in evaluating mature and newly released software solutions, and recommend the solutions best suited for the company. In addition, EAG will develop a joint innovation roadmap with the selected software vendors to achieve the company’s future technology vision for the Upstream O&G Value Chain.
EAG has conducted numerous roadmap, selection and innovation engagements for Upstream Oil and Gas organizations and brings tools, templates and expertise to facilitate project success. Having worked with this company on past engagements, EAG is familiar with the applications currently in place and many of the processes the company currently follows.
EAG Services specializes in the evaluation of E&P software applications and integration solutions. EAG is not affiliated with any software vendors and bases its recommendations solely on the business requirements, objectives and budgets of its clients.
This project will focus on the following primary activities:

  • Demonstrating vendor offerings with the potential to optimize the O&G Value Chain in the near term
  • Demonstrating innovative solutions that can augment the O&G Value Chain in the future
  • Evaluating the client’s JVA and PRA environment to determine options to improve the current state including but not limited to modifying configuration, enabling additional functionality and/or implementing the Crawford Plus Packs
  • Thoroughly evaluating each software application that could support the client’s current and future business and user experience requirements
  • Developing an implementation roadmap that addresses immediate issues in the near term and provides for long-term innovation
  • Developing an overall investment and cost savings scorecard to demonstrate quantitative value of the recommended change option

EAG anticipates a project duration of 11 to 13 weeks.

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