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Effective Water Management – Part 2

By Elizabeth Gerbel   |   July 18, 2016

Water Management is very dynamic and has become increasingly important with the fall of commodity prices. Technical solutions and processes for tracking water differ between operators, regions, and even asset teams within a company. Ask yourself if you have optimized these key activities within your water management process: Dispatch and Inventory Management Gauging and analyzing […]

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Assessing and Optimizing Your Land Management Systems and Processes

By Ahmed Taher   |   July 13, 2016

E&P companies with onshore U.S. operations are faced with vigorous challenges in today’s environment, working to keep up with advances in drilling technology, ongoing mergers and partnerships, demanding surface and mineral rights owners and the increasing complexity of data. As a result of industry changes, the Land Management teams within E&P companies have had to […]

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Effective Water Management – Part 1

By Elizabeth Gerbel   |   July 11, 2016

In today’s upstream oil and gas production operations, a great deal of attention is being paid to activities surrounding water management and the costs associated with water transportation. Water is a major part of the unconventional production process and effectively managing the use and disposal of water throughout the process can prove difficult. Water management […]

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The Business Case for IT Business Analyst Support

By Elizabeth Gerbel   |   June 8, 2016

Do you have to rely heavily on 3rd parties for IT system support? Is this causing a lot of unplanned IT costs and longer turnaround time on your requested changes than you would like? The right solution could be a dedicated in-house resource to serve as your IT Business Analyst. The Role of a Business […]

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