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EAG Services is proud to have exclusively served the Oil and Gas Industry both domestically and internationally since 2003. We specialize in supporting Upstream, Field Services and Midstream organizations, and unlike other firms, we never receive revenue from software sales. Our sole purpose is to work with you to identify and implement solutions that meet your specific business requirements. Only when project results align with your desired business objectives do we feel that we have succeeded.

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  • Assessments & Roadmaps

    At EAG, we believe that the alignment of systems, data, processes, and people is pivotal to the success of any organization. However, at times, this alignment is hindered by improper system configurations, data issues, poorly defined workflows, reporting gaps and/or organizational issues.  Over the years, we have helped our clients examine the state of these different components to determine whether changes can improve day-to-day operations and support future growth…

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  • Business Process Improvement

    Processes evolve over time and not always for the better.  If you envision your organization following industry leading practices, spending time on analysis over manual data entry, managing data in systems rather than spreadsheets and producing timely reports, call us.  We can help you revamp and align your processes to meet your objectives.  Our business process improvement approach is designed to help organizations increase day to day efficiencies, become more flexible and scale as…

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  • Integration Strategy & Execution

    Over time, dual entry and inefficient data transfer can lead to substantial productivity loss.  Often, these inefficiencies can be rectified with properly integrated systems or processes.  At EAG Services, we rely on our vast experience integrating software and processes to develop a course of action suited specifically for your organization.  Our method for tackling data sharing issues involves evaluating existing systems and processes before designing, building, and implementing the…

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  • Merger & Acquisition Services

    Mergers and Acquisitions are a common life cycle event for Oil and Gas companies.  Properly integrating new assets into your suite of applications, as well as your daily business, is an essential part of realizing the benefits which justified the deal.  Based on 13 years of collaborating with energy companies to improve processes, implement software and improve data integrity, we have found that both strategic and tactical action plans are essential to successfully integrate new assets…

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  • Reporting Analytics and Decision Making

    Effectively leveraging the information within a company is never simple. With today’s requirements around regulatory, SOX compliancy, investor/lender, and partner reporting, it’s easy to see why there are so many manual processes and spreadsheets used to generate the needed external reporting information. Internally, the focus of reporting should be on analyzing data to make decisions, rather than just aggregating data. At EAG Services, we have designed various approaches for Upstream…

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  • Software Evaluation

    Selecting the right software can be quite an effort.  At EAG Services, we take a requirements-driven approach to oil and gas software evaluations.  Our agnostic process is designed to examine a wide array of software vendors against your unique business requirements, operational requirements, and reporting needs resulting in a recommendation that fits your business. Our comprehensive approach considers software functionality as well as the performance and viability of the software…

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  • Software Implementation

    Our #1 goal is to help you achieve the objectives you identified when you purchased your software.  Together, we will design process driven solutions and generate results that you can capitalize on.  EAG brings the project, industry, and technology knowledge needed to manage, design, and deploy your software solutions.  And, we will work with you to ensure that your unique business requirements are met throughout the implementation process. Approach Delivery Whether you are…

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  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)

    Accounting is a core function within all E&P Companies, and your ERP system is the tools that you should be able to rely on to efficiently complete daily, monthly and year-end activities. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Systems that are poorly configured or lacking in functionality can complicate your processes. An optimal ERP solution simplifies data capture, processing, internal controls and reporting so that your team can focus on analyzing your monthly transactions and…

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  • Land Management

    Mana Whether your company’s strategy is to grow through mergers and acquisitions, through leasing open acreage, or by maximizing return on investment of existing assets, land is critical to your company’s success. In a competitive environment, Landmen must be able to quickly acquire desirable acreage positions.  In addition, Land Administrators must manage existing assets effectively to ensure rights are retained while also monitoring contract obligations and regulatory compliance to…

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  • Production Management

    Regardless of the boom and bust cycles we experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, companies are driven to adopt new approaches to ensure accurate measurement of production and manage costs in the field. Starting at the wellhead, all the way to the custody transfer point it is important for Production Operations to optimize value, reduce expenses, and limit risk. This can be accomplished by leveraging existing and new technologies, improving workflows, and training your production…

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